Dial wrong numbers

What phone do you have?
Samsung S7 edge
What plan are you on?
3 Gig data
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Yes, data is included

Issue Description

Starting a few weeks ago my phone sometimes calls a different number than I dial. The first time it did this I speed dialed my office, but my father’s phone rang and he answered. I was confused, so I carefully dialed my office number by hand. Again my father’s phone rang. I reset my phone and it appeared to be working again.
Then today I dialed a number and my mother’s phone rang. So far, the incorrect phone numbers that ring are all from my speed dial list. I am not dialing the numbers that ring. I am carefully dialing a different number, and a number I do not dial rings. The number that I dial shows on my phone. Not the number that rings.

Hi @pauly.hbwwp6

I will say I’ve never heard of this issue before. I don’t have any Samsung devices so I don’t really have a suggestion. I just didn’t want you to think no one is listening.

Hopefully this post will bring some attention to this unusual problem.

I don’t recall seeing this issue before. You may want to open a help ticket:

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like @c1tobor and @cbwahlstrom this is the first I heard of this issue and likewise I do not have a Samsung device.
the first steps I would take on a issue like this would be to clear cache of the apps (Dialer/Phone and Contacts) (go to setting apps into the apps in question go to storage)

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Hi @pauly.hbwwp6,

I can see why that would be very confusing!
Please refresh the Republic activation by following these steps:

Please let us know whether that solves the issue.


I refreshed the activation on 5/21. I will give it a few days and then report back.

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