Dialer Changed

My daughter and I both have a Moto X1 and the dialer has changed in the last couple of days. We no longer have the telephone in the middle of the screen that could be moved to the right to answer or the left to dismiss. We now only have the “dismiss/answer” option shown in the notification area of the screen. How do we get the old method back? This just started.

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Are all the app updates current? I have a Moto X1 and that only happens if I am doing something on the phone (ie playing a game or checking email). So with that said is the phone in use??

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All apps are updated. Happens when phone is idle.

Does it do this in safe mode?

Safe Mode

Well, after trying it many times, it appears you are correct. Both of us have been on Republic for several years, and it just seems strange we are just now discovering this. Thanks for the answer.


Just be glad it is an oversight and not a serious issue! 2 yrs it took you well that just means that new shine wore off. Thanks for coming to the community for answers to your question.

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