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I have a (Moto X) (1st Gen.) and my question has to do with the dialer app notifications. Because I get one or two junk calls a day, I have turned off my ring tone and basically don’t answer my phone at all. The problem is that when I’m streaming Spotify and a call comes in, the music stops entirely as long as the incoming call is “ringing”. I have the dialer app notification set to block but it does not seem to be blocking anything. Any other way to stop this? As an aside, I’d be curious to hear other people’s experience with junk calls. I was getting three or four a day so I changed my number and promptly got two the same day I change my number. What’s up with that?

There’s a Sound & notification setting in the phone settings. Making a change to the Interruptions setting may help.


If you make a service ticket out or tap the blue chat button a RW CS can change the underlying phone umber ringing. Try your luck it don’t have bill collector calls, mine is fine.

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Yes, of course the interruptions settings is exactly what I needed in the first place. I’m sorry I wasn’t curious enough to find that on my own. Thank you.

I wasn’t curious enough to find that on my own.

@four3pir3 ,

Thank you. I wasn’t aware of some of the setting available until you peaked my curiosity. We learn together.

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