Dialer Storage takes up 1.2+ GB / Help with space contstraints

Samsung J7
Why in the world does my dialer storage take up 1.23 GB? I am constantly bumping up against my 16GB phone, even tho I have a 64GB SIM card (apparently I can only move SOME things to the SIM). Apps are only taking up 5.3GB, Images at 71 MB, Audio at 298 KB. No video. No documents.

And - In the past week have deleted a lot of texts. This made little difference to the dialer storage space.

Hey. I figured it out. I’m using Google Messages, and had deleted texts from there. HOWEVER I also needed to go over to the native messaging app and delete the messages from there also. Yeah. 26,000 messages take up a lotta space, whodathunkit?


Good fix, thanks for sharing!
I wonder if the ones you had to delete from the Samsung messaging app could have been there from before you set Google Messages as your default?

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