Dialer to replace Google Phone?

I’ve got the Moto G 5 Plus. I hate the stock Google Phone app. Plus it doesn’t update anymore and when I go to the Google Play Store it says it isn’t compatible with my phone! Anyway… Can someone point me to dialers that work well with Republic Wireless? Ideally it’ll be just a dialer, not an SMS app, as I love Textra for texting. Also call confirm would be nice to have.

Honestly, just look at a few on the play-store with good reviews and give them a try! There is a lot of good ones that have varying styles and features so you should be able to find something you really like.

Of course the stock dialer will have support from Republic.

Don’t know where to start? Here is the second highest rated dialer on Google Play.

I didn’t care for Simpler Dialer. I’m trying True Phone and so far I like it.

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