Dialing a Switchboard Phone Number With an Extension &/or Texting to a Six Digit Number


When calling a Switchboard Phone Number, is there any way of adding a pause to then connect directly to an Extension without having to manually put it in after connecting to the Main Number? I have tried this like I was able to on Verizon, but all I get is a message “Dialed number is not allowed.”

I also get the same message when I try to send a Text to a Valid Six Digit Number.

Will Republic Wireless ever be adding these dialing options like the major carriers all allow?


open the phone dialer

dial the number

press the 3 dots upper left where the phone number is display

add 2 second wait/pause

you can add as many as you wish, 3 times in this case, the “,” is the 2 second delay

or add wait

done on moto g4
phone number used as example


Hi @roberth.xolpap,

Officially we don’t support programmed pauses in the dialer, but, like @TheDoctor, they work when I try them on my Moto X pure. I’ll see if I can get some additional information on why it seems to work on some phones.

We do support text messages to 6-digit short codes. Could you tell us what code you are trying to text?


list of phones that works
android dialer installed
nexus 6p
nexus 5x
moto G4
moto G4 plus
moto g4 play
moto x pure
moto E4

android dialer or samsung native dialer
samsung s7
samsung s6
samsung j3 (2016)

iphone s7 plus

on the samsung native dialer and the iphone you long press the * (shift 8 on keyboard computer, splat, star, asterisk)

the pause and wait seems to be a function of the dialer app


You’ve verified that it works on REPUBLIC on all those models? I ask because it never worked on my old X Pure, but I haven’t had it in quite a while so if it has started working this is something new (and often asked for) on Republic.


Hi @louisdi,

I did try it on my X Pure and the dialer now accepts wait and pause programming. I’m trying to find out when that changed.


Hi @louisdi and @TheDoctor,

I was mistaken. The pause and wait function do not work on my Moto X Pure, nor on any phone on our service, as they are not supported on our service.

The Help Article I linked to previously is accurate and up to date.



We do not support the pause and wait dialer codes. But we do support most short codes. Can you tell us more about the six-digit number you are trying to text and the messaging app you are using?


Why not support the pause and wait dialer codes? Is it not technically possible? Has Republic Wireless even looked into this issue? How can I get in touch with someone from Republic Wireless instead of just another customer of Republic Wireless?


Southpaw is an employee of Republic, so you are in touch with someone from Republic. I’m not an employee, but I’ll provide the answer nonetheless. When you dial a call with Republic a series of things happen in the background that make it far more complicated that a “normal” cell phone carrier. The main thing is that your call isn’t directly delivered to the recipient. Essentially, your call is sent to a Republic system, which then in turn places a call to the end user. This is one of the reasons that Republic is able to offer unlimited calling/texting at the price it does. But it adds complexity and at this time that intermediate system isn’t able to receive and then pass on the pauses/additional digits. It gets more technical than that, including nuances as to when your phone is on wifi, has cellular data or no data at all, but I think that largely covers it.


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