Did I just cut a cable?


So I tried replacing my rear-facing camera, because I can’t afford a new phone. Bought all the components and a repair kit. I did everything pretty much exactly as I was supposed to, but when it came time to remove the physical camera, I accidentally removed the gold thing to the direct right of it (there are two, one on either side of the camera—see photos). The gold thing appears to go back into place just fine, but it was connected by a black segment that I fear was an essential connective cable. Can someone confirm or deny this for me? I just want to know if I have any hope of the camera functioning once it’s reassembled. (I haven’t been able to test because I’m still waiting on my replacement battery.) I’m trying to decide if I should just replace the phone, or if there is hope that phone/camera will still work, even slightly. Thanks.



First, There is very few, if any folks here that would be so inclined to dismantle their phone and try to repair it like you have. Republic, nor its customers here in Community would have any detailed knowledge of each phones raw components and assembly. Only the manufacture and third party repair sites (like ifixit perhaps) would know that.

Second, you never state what phone model you are attempting to repair and there are no photos attached to your post.

Third, I would think it to be quite obvious, that if you damaged or broke a cable or connector, that it would result in failure of said component or even the entire phone.

I would suggest consulting with ifixit or do a Google search for repair or teardown/assembly instructions for the exact phone model you are working on.

Todays phones are ever increasing in having a very low repair ability, even by the trained experts at repair shops. You often cause far more damage by attempting to do so.



Hey thanks. So I mentioned I don’t have a battery, so am not able to power on to see the status. It’s the Moto G5 Plus and I tried attaching photos, but it wasn’t allowing me to. I will try here again:


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@laurapublic3 You ever get this figured out?



Hey @briha, I noticed you mentioned you are in the process of fixing a broken screen on your own phone. Do you have any insight that might be helpful in this D-I-Y topic?



Is @laurapublic3 still here? Seems like an old thread. @southpaw tagged me so I came by to see. So looking at the pictures I thought it was fine and there was no damage because a lot of the parts don’t have any clips or anything and they just rest against the main board and they fall off easily. But I did a double check and this is the part and seems like you tore off the cable. But should be an easy fix since you are already in there.

note: also wanted to add a note that I’m no expert. I fix my own phone and so on. But entirely relied upon resources available online.

note2: also op’s camera would work but not sure about the flash. If the other flash’s cable is intact then it might work.



Hi @laurapublic3,

Did the replacement battery arrive? Was the repair successful?

@briha, thank you for chiming in!

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