Did I miss the Moto X4/Z3 Play phones that were on sale?


Did the sale end yesterday?


I do believe the Republic discounts ended at 11:59pm EST December 1st


Thanks DRM186, sorry I missed out on that deal. I am going to have to switch to the GSM carrier with a new phone, so I need it to have band 71 support. I know I can switch some phones to CDMA, but it seems like a painful process. I also MUST have support for NFC for Android Pay. I was hoping to get that Z3 Play, but I guess the Amazon route is still available at $370.


Depending on how much of rush you’re in, there are likely to be more sales between now and Christmas at places like Amazon, Best Buy and who knows, maybe Republic.

That being said, the process of moving to CDMA really isn’t a hard one. Activate on GSM, open a ticket requesting a CDMA SIM, receive and insert that SIM, open the Republic App. Voila.


According to the specs compare for the Moto X3 and Z3 Play, neither support LTE Band 71.

As far as I know, only the latest flagship model phones support tmobile band 71.

I know the Pixel 3 and 3 XL does.
I believe the Samsung S9 does.

Tmobile has a page that lists what of their own branded/modified devices that support band 71 600 mhz. Additionally, they have a page that lists what cites that band is active in. It is not that many at this point, but it is expanding.


The Moto Z3 Play does have the 71 band

Edit to add the 2018 Samsung budget phones of Galaxy J3 and J7 also have band 71 [note these 2 phones are GSM only[


LTE band 1(2100), 3(1800), 5(850), 7(2600), 28(700)
is what is listed for the specs by GSM arena…but that does seem very lacking.
They must be wrong or goofed with this one as a Google search finds this page by Phone Scoop (never heard of them)


When in doubt go to the OEM site from Motorola Z3 Play specs

Also the tech tab from Republic sales page also list band 71


There is a HUGE hole in the coverage around where I live, and T-MOBILE is supposedly close (within 12 months) of enabling Band 71 to fill it. They have to complete the shutdown of the UHF TV stations that are still using that band. When they complete this, it should help fix a lot of areas I have been complaining about for years.
Verizon and AT&T were the only carriers that seemed to have data in those dark zones, with Verizon usually the better of the two.
Map of projected Band 71 (600mhz):