Did my profile update save?


Itryed to start a new post so for give me for using this post to reply to you. After filling out the profile area and clicking send i got an error code that said “this site invalid” So did my info get poseted? Thanks for the help! ronaldc4ie7to

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Hi @ronaldc.4ie7t0
I see you have a profile but I do not see any Topic created by you, so I don’t think it took. Please feel free to try again.


Based on your profile it appears that you are a new member to the forums and not an RW customer yet…so there are certain limitations on your user account here on the forums.

Take a look here for additional info, in case you are trying to create a longer post with multiple links


Hi @ronaldc.4ie7t0,

I’ve moved your post to its own separate thread.

I don’t see that any profile information you may have entered was saved. The account you’ve created here doesn’t seem to be associated with a Republic Wireless phone account, and I see @amitl has pointed you to the rules that are in place for non-member accounts. Did you have any links in the profile info you were creating?


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