Did Republic take away some cell phone coverage?


What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I have two Republic phones one Moto x first gen and one Moto G 3rd generation on refund program. Over the last 3 years traveling across the upper Pen of Michigan, I got some services in pockets traveling across the norther tier of the Pen. This weekend, I was shocked to find that I had ZERO service once above the bridge for several hundred miles including MARQUETTE which is the biggest city in the whole Peninsula.

Why was the service taken away?? Cell map shows coverage but I had NONE (though strangely map NOW shows no service in the big city of Marquette). I need service in some of this area for travel/work and this isn’t going to work if I have lost services in the bulk of the travel area.

What happened???


The map I see shows Marquette, MI as having roaming coverage. You may want to update the PRL and data profile and try again:


This is likely something that Republic staff is going to have to resolve for you. Please open a ticket with staff and in the ticket describe your issue and ask that it be investigated as per the procedure in master ticket 1538635. They’ll look in to getting this resolved for you and reestablishing your ability to roam in those areas.


Not sure what map you are looking at, but the one that republic referred me to, has a big white circle around Marquette, Michigan showing NO cell coverage at all.


This is the map that applies to your service: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless


I have first gen Moto x and Moto G3 using GSM network. Marquette does not have coverage on this GSM network…but the phone USED to work there, but I see NOW on the map it isn’t covered.



If those are Republic phones, then , No you do not.

Those model phones are the Legacy Plan 2.0, phones.
Those can only use CDMA Sprint network partner.
Which has different coverage than the GSM (tmobile) network partner.

However, as previously mentioned, there may be an issue where your phones are not provisioned correctly or something, for roaming access and RW support will need to fix something for you.

And yes, looking at the CDMA map, the very top part of Michigan is only Roaming coverage.


The Moto X and Moto G3 are both CDMA ONLY phones. It is not possible that they’re on the GSM network. The map that I provided, and the advice about the master ticket are both correct and the way to have your issue fixed.

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Hi @williamc.4pnywa,

I’m not finding a ticket from you on this matter, yet. Will you be able to open a ticket, explain the situation, and ask that it be investigated as part of Master Ticket 1538635?


I did that once but I will do it again to be sure.


No need to do it again, @williamc.4pnywa. Can you tell me the ticket number?

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Thanks @williamc.4pnywa,

I’ve found the new ticket you opened and am working on getting it to the right team.

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