Did You Know About These Handy Data Protection Tools?

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At some point in your relationship with Republic Wireless, you may have received this dreaded email: “you’ve used 100% of your cellular data”. It’s one of my least favorite emails to receive, especially when I have no idea where all that data was spent! Fortunately, one time data adds make it easy to add more data when I need it. But, it doesn’t answer the question – where did all my data go? Data protection tools in the Republic Wireless app are here to help. There are many reasons your data may seem like it’s disappearing. Perhaps you turned off your…

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It’s disappointing that you can’t totally disable (“freeze”) data for individual apps like you could on older versions. Turning off background data is fine, but sometimes large foreground projects carry over from wifi to data (e.g. a YouTube upload), chewing away at your data. Then you’re stuck with either cancelling a potentially hours long upload/download, or turning off ALL data, or biting the bullet and paying an extra $5-10 to finish up what you were doing. I assume Republic doesn’t have any control over this feature anymore, and it’s more of an Android issue. I don’t get why Android wouldn’t provide for the ability to manage data app by app- I guess they assume everyone’s on unlimited plans??

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2 things when checking “Cell data used: See where your data is going,” 1) the bar graph only shows back to the beginning of the monthly billing cycle. Early in a cycle, that is not very helpful. It should show a constant/rolling past 30 days.
2) My phone indicates that “Google Play Services” uses more data than any other. I didn’t know what Google Play Services was or involved. Only today I looked into “Settings: Apps” and found Google Play Services listed, even though there is no icon for it among the apps showing in the basic apps window. Tapping it to see further, and then again on “Permissions” it lists “Body Sensors,” “Calendar,” “Camera,” “Phone,” “SMS,” and others. When I try to switch any of them off, a message appears saying, “If you deny this permission, basic features of your device may no longer function as intended.” I don’t understand what allowing or denying these permissions mean or how it involves data usage; but I would like to know how to keep Google Play Services from using so much of my monthly data without my even knowing it.


How about giving us some widgets? It takes a ton of clicks to dig down to the data freeze button. I’d love a 1x1 widget that would toggle this.


Your presumption is correct. Google used to offer an app called Datally but I’m no longer finding evidence of it at Google’s Play Store. Anyway, it was essentially a more convenient way to restrict background cell data use.

There are other third party apps that use a local firewall on the phone (the same method used by Republic’s app for Data Freeze) that allow for restricting cell data on an app-by-app basis. This one is popular:

Reinventing that wheel probably isn’t the best use of Republic’s limited app development resources.

As an aside, Apple’s iOS builds in app-by-app cell data restrictions much like Republic’s old app did. Google could do so for Android were it sufficiently motivated.


I can’t find a “cog” what’s a cog in right upper corner?
How do I stop the WIFI from turning off? I burned through .75 GB of data one night at home thinking I’m connected to WIFI, after all, I’d made no changes I was aware of.

Hi @kat and welcome to the Member Community. If you are trying to find the Data Freeze setting in the RW 3.0 app here is a series of pictures that should help.

Open the RW App – RW App Small-1

Tap Cog in upper right

Tap Data tools

Data Freeze Slider –

Here’s a link to the RW 3.0 App guide with other useful information –

Does WiFi automatically disconnect after about an hour or so if you let the phone sit? Do you manually have to reconnect to WiFi after it disconnects or does WiFi reconnect when you tap or unlock the display?


I’d like to know this too. I often don’t get msg’s for hours, sometimes days, and it’s very frustrating. Even with my phone sitting next to me, on wifi only in airplane mode because I don’t get cellular signal where I live, msg’s still don’t get through. Unacceptable!

Hi @laurieu.ikvteu and welcome back to the Member Community. Not to get too far from the original topic of data protection tools, but it sounds like you might be experiencing issues caused by the Android DOZE mode. There are several threads in the Community regarding DOZE. Here’s a link to a Tips & Tricks article about Managing Doze Mode - (phone is on WiFi) calls via cell | calls go to voicemail | calls are missed.

One quick and easy troubleshooting step is to see if the issue continues when the phone is left plugged into a charger. I am not suggesting you leave the phone continually plugged in as the solution, just a troubleshooting step. If the issue goes away when the phone is plugged into a charger it might be time to consider some of the items discussed in the DOZE Tips & Tricks article. Hope this helps!

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This is not what I was asking. I want an RW widget with the functionality of the RW app’s data freeze feature. It takes a zillion clicks to access in the app. Isn’t the widget a feature of the app?

I understand what you’re asking for and agree with you, which is why I was among those who liked your post. That said, it’s unclear to me why you are responding to me as though I liked your post, my earlier response was to someone else rather than you.

It would be if such a feature existed. It does, however, not yet exist. Again, I agree with you in that I’d like to see Republic add it.

Especially same question about Google Play Services

Hi @philmusic,

Are you, like @chuckb.uvxkgg, seeing a lot of data use by Google Play Services? You may want to make sure you have background data use disabled for the app, and that you have the Google Play Store app set to only do updates over WiFi.

For more detailed troubleshooting, please post a new topic in our #problems category and let us know which phone you’re using and what exactly you’re seeing that you’d like to correct.

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