Difference between phones


what is the difference between moto E4 AND THE mOTO e4 PLUS?


You can see a comparison here: https://www.androidcentral.com/moto-e4-vs-moto-e4-plus-battery-savings

and a brief feature comparison here: Detailed Supported Phone Features


Moto E4
Water repellent nano-coating
Black or Fine Gold
16 GB Internal memory
8 MP Auto-focus camera
5” HD Display
SIM card included

Full specs

Moto E4 Plus
5.5” HD display
5000 mAh battery and rapid charging1 3
Fingerprint reader
Iron Gray or Fine Gold
32 GB internal memory
13 MP auto-focus camera + 5MP front camera
SIM card included

Full Specs

There are several differences. The E Plus has a HUGE battery, bigger display, more memory. Worth the extra $$, in my view.
But, what’s important to me may not be so important to you. Compare the specs.


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