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We’ve been a long-time RW user, but, I have a dilemma that may push me away at some point in the future and have come here to see if there is anything that we could be proactive with to allow us to continue to use your service. Our dilemma is this: when we first moved to RW we were on the old Defy XT plans and cell coverage in an area that we travel to frequently was not an issue. Over time, it seems that RW has changed coverage available to your phone depending upon the availability of your plans. Currently we have (1) Moto E 2nd Gen and (1) Moto E 1st Gen. The 1st Gen Moto E can receive and make calls in this area we travel frequently but the 2nd Gen cannot. Unfortunately, the 1st Gen E may be on its last legs and I want to ensure we are able to have an option to continue to have coverage in this area while traveling. Is there anything that we can do to keep this availability in coverage? Any help in explaining what the differences are between the phones would help as well.

We certainly want to continue to be RW users and have found everything else to be just what we want. Thank you!

Hi @andrewg.23wu3c,

There is no difference in coverage between the Moto E 1st and 2nd Gen, except that the 2nd Gen would have access to 4G LTE data if you have selected a plan that allows it. Calling and texting would be the same on these two phones.

If you’re seeing otherwise, there may be a difference in the PRL on the two phones - which gives the phone access to roaming according to agreements between the carriers Republic contracts with. This is outside of Republic’s control. Have you noticed if the area you are having trouble in is a roaming area?

Could you tell us the Zip code of the area where you want to be sure you’ll have coverage in the future? Our current phones on the My Choice plan are outfitted with the SIM card for one of two different cellular providers - one of which is Sprint, the same carrier used by the DEFY XT and Moto E (1st and 2nd Gen).

Hi, thank you for the response. The PRL is updated for both phones, so, I don’t think that is the issue. These two phones have always been different for some reason. Back when both of us had 1st Gen Moto E’s they both had coverage in this particular area and then we had to get a new phone as one of them had something go wrong. At that point only the older 1st Gen Moto E had coverage in Decorah, IA and surrounding areas (52101). I know when looking at the coverage map it says that no coverage is available in this area, but, we did have coverage initially and now with one of our two phones. Perhaps there is a different SIM in these two phones? Thanks!

It isn’t possible. All of the legacy phones (Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 or E2) can only be Sprint activated. They should all have the same coverage available to them as well. I understand that’s not what you’re experiencing, but it is what it should be.

Thanks for the help! Going forward, would I have any luck with a SIM configured for T-Mobile in this area as I know of folks who use that carrier or is there truly no coverage available in this area like the map says? I’m just trying to reconcile why the older phones all worked in this area while this (slightly) newer one does not. I would just like to figure out what needs to be done when that time comes. I’m sure things may change again by the time I need to switch, but it would also be nice to figure out in the interim when my wife and I are not in the same place and without wifi access. Any other thoughts why this would be the case in this area?

I believe that you’ll actually have access in that area. The coverage that was previously iWireless coverage has recently been added as native coverage, including in your area. My believe (NOTE NOT OFFICIAL – JUST CONJECTURE) is that the Republic Map hasn’t been updated with this very recent new coverage yet. Do note that none of your old phones can use this coverage, they are forever tied to Sprint.

When only one phone has coverage have you noticed If it shows it is roaming?

Great news regarding iWireless, I am hopeful that will be the case. I understand what you are saying regarding these phones being unable to utilize that hopeful addition as well.

I’ll have to check regarding the roaming next time we’re home. If I recall, it does show roaming, however.

If that’s the case, and the PRLs are up-to-date then it is possible that you’re experiencing a known issue on the phone that isn’t getting coverage. If you verify the other phone is roaming then please open a ticket with staff and in the ticket request that your lack of roaming on that phone be investigated as part of master ticket 1461874.

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