Different colours for phones?


Hi, I recently broke my phones screen, so I am looking for a new one. I liked the moto z play, but did not like the black colour. Does anyone know if republic wireless will start selling the white/gold version?


Hi @claires.taf0jk,

It looks to me like the white/gold version is exclusive to Verizon, and is a version that is not compatible with our service.


Hi @claires.taf0jk

While Republic may not be able to offer other colors of the phone, do remember you have a few different choices.

If you are looking for a different color and protection, you can see about getting a decorative case that also has some bump / drop protection for the phone.

If you want to have a thinner more decorative approach, there are also a stick on “skin” made by DBrand which you can customize the phone with. https://dbrand.com/shop/moto-z-skins

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