Different Phone's Hotspot Performance Created Equally?


With occasional use as a temporary WiFi for my PCs and using same GSM SIM swapped between phones:
My Moto X Pure DL/UP speeds are as expected. 10-20 Mbps DL normally.
My G4 DL/UP speeds are terrible. Less than 1Mbps DL maximum all the time.

Realize speeds will vary by location, signal strength and volume of traffic on a network.
Using a speed test app both phones show similar data speeds from the network.

Has anybody else experienced similar hotspot performance differences? Does my G4 likely have a hotspot problem or will the performance normally vary by phone model?



I wouldn’t guess there should be a difference, both Moto and both on same SIM carrier. as they both had same speeds to the network I would contact Motorola (here)


Received the phone earlier this year as a replacement from RW for a GSM only Ascend 5W. Not sure Moto will support it without purchase date info. RW Support contacted to see what they have to say and recommend.

Had the same issue with the CDMA but wrote it off as Sprint just having slow speeds. At the time I didn’t think to add a speed test app to phone for evaluating the network.


Answer is yes and no by me.

Spent several hours troubleshooting what appeared to be a issue with the G4.

I had the identical > 1Mbps issue when doing a speed test on my PC with my G3 and the G4 when previously using a CDMA SIM. Initially blamed >1Mbps speeds on poor Sprint LTE D/L speeds.

Found the USB WiFi adapter my PC was using slowed down the data. Installed another USB adapter and ping/UP/DL speeds are close to what the phone receives from the networks.

During the TS process found the X Pure speeds to the PC more than adequate but were slower than speed provided by network. The Pure’s hotspot was for some reason able transmit data to the bad USB adapter better.

After finding the problem wanted to see if Sprint network would now provide adequate speeds for tethering. Swapped back to a CDMA SIM in the G4 and found speeds no longer >1GB and usable. Added some data to my G3 and it now works too.


  1. When using a phone as a hotspot you should expect a small reduction in speeds compare to what it may receive from network. Ballpark estimate would be 10-20% maximum.
  2. Moto X Pure hotspot rocks. Not all are created equal but should work well.

Thanks for your continued support.