Different sim cards

Pondering getting an upgrade Motorola phone.
current phone Moto g(7) with GSM sim card
pondering Moto g Stylus with NANO sim card



Hi @kathrync.w0m6g3 and welcome to the Community!

I believe there is some confusion here. GSM (or CDMA) refers to the cellular network a Republic activated phone is provisioned with. GSM = T-Mobile network coverage. CDMA = Sprint network coverage.

Nano (and also standard and micro) refer to the physical size of the SIM a particular phones uses. It has nothing to do with the provisioned coverage attached to the SIM.

In short, your Moto G7 like the Moto G Stylus uses a nano size SIM. If your Moto G7’s SIM is GSM (and not CDMA), then, yes you may move it from the Moto G7 to the Moto G Stylus. Depending on where you purchase the Moto G Stylus, doing so may not be necessary. The details are here:

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thank you. I’m taking the SIM TYPE right from the phone. It indicates GSM.

So: are you confirming I will not have an issue getting the upgraded phone (MOto G Stylus) and will be able to transfer the sim card? SOmetimes the phones come with a new sim card as well.

I just don’t want to buy the wrong phone…


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