Difficulty sending/receiving texts to/from SOME iPhone users

What phone do you have? Moto g7 Power

What plan are you on? My Choice + 2 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes…

Issue Description

I am a new Republic customer, and I transferred from an iPhone. My number transfer and device set-up etc was completed about 10 days ago. I have deregistered my number from Apple’s iMessaging.

I am using the Google Messages app, and my issue is that SOME iPhone users cannot see my texts (which seem to have no trouble sending via SMS on my end), and I cannot receive anything from them either. But with OTHER iPhone users, there’s been no problem…messages flow fine in both directions.

One of the problem iPhone users is my adult son, whom I asked to be sure to turn on his SMS/MMS messaging options, and still no dice.

Not sure what else to try…and hoping for some community wisdom!
Thank you!

Hi @cindylou,

Please ask your adult son if the messaging bubbles on his iPhone’s Messages app when he sends messages to you are blue or green? If blue, despite your having deregistered from iMessage, Apple is still trying to route messages from your son via iMessage. If that’s the case, please ask your son to delete your contact information from his phone, then add it back.


Okay…so that was a dead end…my son said the message bubble is green.

Another iPhone friend just tried to text me, and he discovered that his phone was somehow defaulting to sending me a text VIA my Gmail account…even when he deleted my contact info and just entered my phone number into the message’s address…it still switched to my Gmail account. AND, I’m not getting ANYTHING in either Gmail or text…

I’m not sure what else to try! Does this warrant opening a Service Ticket?

Hi @cindylou,

My apologies for the delayed reply.

I’m sorry the easy fix didn’t work. Sadly, troubleshooting is often a process of elimination, so one starts with the relatively obvious and works from there. Might your son’s iPhone share characteristics other than being an iPhone with others whom you’re unable to exchange text messages? For example, might they be using the same carrier?

Do you see a record of any text messages coming from your son’s account when signed into your Republic account here: https://account.republicwireless.com/account/phones/? You’ll need to do the following:

  1. Under the picture for your phone, click the green “I Want To…” bar.
  2. Click View Calls & Messages.
  3. Is there any evidence of text messages from your son’s number there? If so, the timing might seem odd as the timestamps are Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) rather than local.

Candidly, I’m baffled on this. There’s nothing inherent to what one does when sending a text message that would cause it to be routed via email (Gmail or otherwise). Is this individual certain they are sending you a text message rather than an email?

@cindylou Are you still having this issue?


This ticket should have been resolved a while ago.


Hi @cindylou,

While you’re receiving email notifications and responding to those, this specific conversation is taking place in Republic’s online Community forums not via a ticket.

If you separately opened a ticket with staff and they were able to resolve matters, would you be willing to share that solution?


I apologize…trying to keep up with everything is a bit dizzying right now!

So, the solution for my issues turned out to be getting my connection reset on Republic’s end…I’m sorry I can’t be more clear than that. If you need me to I can go back and look…


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