Difficulty Setting up Smart Home WiFi Devices

What phone do you have? Moto E4

What plan are you on? My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data, Talk & Text

Issue Description

I’ve purchased several wifi-enabled smart home devices lately, and have had difficulty getting my Moto E4 to complete the setup process with those devices. After several attempts, I’ve resorted to digging up my old wifi-only Iphone5, and it sets up the new device on the first try. Has anybody else had this problem with their Republic phone? Is there some setting on my Moto E4 that’s preventing it from communicating with these Smart Home devices? Specifically, Amazon Smart Plug and Lumary In-Wall Smart Outlet.

Do you know if your Moto E4 is on the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band of your home wifi? A lot of smart devices only use 2.4GHz. I encountered that issue when I was setting a couple of my devices up with my phone.

My newer router from my internet service provider made it even more difficult because it automatically chooses the best one, but only shows one. With the devices I set up, there was an option to directly connect to the device’s wifi to set it up, but you’d have to dig through your documentation of the smart device to see if that’s possible for you.

Hopefully someone will have more ideas for you.


Thanks for the response. I only have 2.4 GHz. And I’m able to directly connect to the smart device’s WiFi but my phone will not communicate with it.

Can you tell us more about what steps you’re taking, what you expect to see, and what happens instead? Screenshots might help, too.

I don’t have the specific Smart Home devices you named, but I’ve set up several smart plugs using Moto phones and found some of the available apps work better than others. Which app are you using to connect to the plugs?

Sure, here’s more detail, by smart device. The Lumary Smart plug requires you to download their app. The first option is “Easy Mode”. You set the device in pairing mode, select “Add Device”, key in the WiFi password for the network you’re on, and the phone is supposed to discover the device and connect it to the network. My Moto E4 could not discover it after repeated tries. The alternative setup is manual mode. Put the device in a different pairing mode, select “Add Device”, key in the WiFi password for the network you’re on, then connect to the device’s network. The phone is then to discover the device and connect it to the WiFi network. My Moto E4 could not discover the device in this mode either. Sorry, I don’t have any screenshots. I received an error message from the Lumary app. My iPhone5 quickly discovered the device in Easy Mode and set it up.

The Amazon Smart Plug is even simpler. You open the Alexa app, select “Add Device”, scan the 2D barcode that came with the device, and the phone is supposed to discover and set up the device. My Moto did not. Alternatively you can select Add Device, confirm that the Alexa app has permission to access Bluetooth, Camera, and Location on your phone, put the device in pairing mode, and your phone is supposed to discover the device. My Moto E4 did not. My iPhone 5 did. I confirmed that the Alexa App has permission access to camera and location, and that’s it’s connected via Bluetooth to my Moto. I also confirmed that I entered the correct WiFi password and I had the latest version of the apps installed.

Hi @tigerhawk76,

I’m afraid I don’t personally have any experience with the apps you’ve mentioned, and have no way to test them.

I was hoping someone else might chime in here, having perhaps at least used the Alexa app.

I’m sure there’s nothing the Republic app does that would interfere with the phone’s ability to connect these devices. You might try contacting the app developers to see if they have any tips for connecting when on a Motorola phone.

Is the E4 by any chance paired to any other Bluetooth device at the same time?
You might try resetting network connections, then see if you can connect with these apps. That will, however make your phone forget all its saves WiFi connections.

I’ve set up at least 20 smart home devices, mostly with the Alexa app on my S7. Along the way I installed a smart switch for my kitchen lights that had to be configured with it’s own play store app. Only after being configured with that app would it work with the Alexa app on my S7.

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