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I’m curious if anyone has any tips for me on this hopefully fixable problem. A couple weeks ago the battery in my Galaxy s10e, not even 2 years old yet (started using Feb 1, 2020), drops like a rock for no apparent reason. It’s a Li-Ion 3100 mAh. Say, I will go into work with my battery at 70% then next time checking it a few hours later for my break, it has dropped to ~30% despite all apps closed, neither WiFi nor data turned on, location, autosync, bluetooth and all other features turned off, etc. The battery usage view in my settings doesn’t show a culprit; they’re all very low percentages. I hope this doesnt indicate a failing battery so soon. I’m a light user and all the smartphones I’ve had lasted 4+ years. I’ve started just shutting down my phone when at work and overnight; it’s the only way I’m not having to constantly recharge or be stuck outside home with a dead phone.

I can get $75 trade-in value for it at Best Buy.

Hi @brtjohns,

I was hoping someone would reply with some tips, but I’m afraid it does sound like the battery is failing. Has it been exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures?

You could try calibrating the battery. Sometimes sudden power drops with no explaination turn out to be a matter of the battery manager software not correctly reading the battery level. Here’s a guide that looks pretty good: [GUIDE] Samsung Battery Calibration | XDA Forums

From your title, I was expecting to see a much older phone suffering from battery issues, not a phones that’s still under 2 years old. Did you by any chance buy it with a credit card that extends the manufacturer’s warranty? Some credit cards do so, and you might be able to get the phone replaced under warranty if your credit card has that perk.

I would be glad to offer you a power pack to help you avoid emergencies, but it sounds like your goal here is not to be plugged in or carrying a charger around all the time.

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Hi @brtjohns,

I’m afraid I don’t have any suggestions for rescuing the battery. I, too, have had some recent bad luck with batteries though in my case it’s battery swelling rather than simply a battery seemingly prematurely losing its ability to hold a charge.

I’d like to confirm your phone is Samsung’s Galaxy S10e and not the Galaxy A10e? Particularly, if it’s the Galaxy S10e, that’s an expensive phone and I would suggest a conversation with Samsung is worth having.

Outside the manufacturer’s one-year warranty, Samsung isn’s obligated to do anything, however, from time to time, if asked a manufacturer will step up outside their stated warranty. Of course, if you did use a credit card that extends the manufacturer’s warranty so much the better.


It is a s10e bought from Best Buy unlocked with a credit card.

Thank you for the tips on the battery calibration test and looking at my credit card perks. The calibration test indicated the reading has been accurate.


I get this notification occasionally. Haven’t been able to identify a cause. I was getting it before starting to turn on battery saver and mobile hotspot.

The warning appears to be coming from the Samsung Device Care app:

You can monitor CPU usage by app in the dev options:

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Thank you for this article. I downloaded the Droid Hardware Info app, maybe that will indicate something in the future. The battery usage per app in ‘device care’ never gives a culprit, and ‘running services’ in developer mode options doesnt offer any suspicious apps. I think I just got a bad phone.

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Have you tried measuring the battery capacity? I use AccuBattery when I suspect I may have a weak battery (my Pixel 1 batteries were only good for ~2 years). The app is capable of doing some other stuff, but I pretty much just use it to determine battery condition.

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So after charging my phone to 78% a few hours ago, it’s now at 33 and what’s interesting is AccuBattery states my screen has been on the large majority of that time. It has not, I opened it once for maybe a minute. I also don’t know what app that blue icon with the S is. I went through all my apps in settings and it’s not there.

Yeah, I can’t vouch for anything other than what’s on the “Health” tab. I only use the app to measure battery capacity (which occurs during charging cycles).

The blue icon with the white house with an “s” in it, is the “One UI Home” Samsung launcher.

It’s the interface that allows you to use the phone - like Windows on a PC. I believe there was an update to the Samsung S10e just a few weeks ago (the first week or so of November) that updated that interface.

If you open Settings, then tap “Apps” do you have a choice at the top for “Samsung app settings”? If so, you may be able to clear the cache on that app. I can get to the option to do so on an S21+ by taking the following steps:

Open Settings
Tap Apps and Notifications
Tap Samsung app settings
Tap One UI Home
Tap About Home screen
Tap the circled “i” (information) at the top right
Tap Storage
Tap Clear Cache

Doing so may help clear up anything that maybe is a bit “off” since the update. Otherwise, you may want to consider factory resetting the phone.

Thank you for this info. I was able to find the app and clear its cache. I imagine it would be a bad idea to toggle off the “Allow background activity”? Is there a way to undo the last system update on android rather than going all the way back to factory settings?

No, there isn’t. Have you been able to measure battery capacity with the AccuBattery app? If battery capacity is significantly diminished there’s no point in pursuing anything other than battery replacement.

Given I’ve only used it for two days, Accubattery says my estimated battery capacity is 2800, original is 3100.

That sounds good. I usually only notice issues when capacity gets down in the 65% area.

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