Ding dong my phone is dead

What phone do you have? motog4

What plan are you on? $30

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes, data

Issue Description

Last Saturday, my phone heated up in my back pocket and began going blank. For several days it wouldn’t start, or would shut down on its own, start up on its own. Once charged, for a while, it showed as battery 100%. That first night when I plugged it in to charge, a tiny white light began flashing in the lower right corner. i had never seem that before.
These symptoms increased, until I now have no response, except maybe that white light at times when I plug it in.

Is the battery dead (heat stroke) or worse?
I did drop it a day or so prior, but I have a shock case around it. I have dropped it before with no negative effect.

You can try a factory reset and see if it comes back to life or open a ticket. Is the phone under a year old? If it is, it’s under warranty with Motorola:


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Yes, it is under a year old — (7.5.17).

What is the process to fix or ship a new one?

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Hi @calving.xbkstt,

@littletoucan provided two links, one to open a ticket with Republic Wireless who can help troubleshoot any issues, the other to the chat site for Motorola. Motorola provides the one year manufacturer’s warranty, and based on the description you’ve provided, I think ultimately that’s where you need to follow up.

Rather than using Motorola’s chat, however, you may want to start here: https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/mcp/service

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