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I sent a DM to a Republic member. How do I check for replies?

Click on your login icon in the top right.
Click on the letter icon (when you hover on it…it should pop up the word “Messages”)

All your DMs are accessible over there.

Well, I did that, but the only messages that showed up were two very old ones. I wonder what happened to the recent one???

Just sent you a test DM to see if it shows up.

The drop down only shows ones with replies. If you want to find the one you sent… it’s a bit convoluted to get there.

One way is to click on any of the old ones that you see on the list.
Scroll all the way to the top and click on the letter icon over there.

Now click on “Sent” along the left…and you should see your recently sent
one over there.

Alternatively, direct path to get there is<user-name>/messages

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Thank you for your replies. I’m confused. I see above that you sent me a DM. I only see this conversation. I also got email re each of our entries above.

When I followed your directions to find my “Sent” messages, that word was grayed out. I still have no idea where my message went.

Sorry for the confusion.

Can you try clicking on the gray “Sent”

For example, if it looks like this

Clicking on it should show you your sent messages…like so

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Do you see your sent messages at

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Thanks so much for the clarification. Usually, when something is grayed out, it means it is unclickable. Guess I should have tried it before complaining.

Anyway, I did find my sent email. I feel sure the recipient would answer if he ever got the message. Since it’s not readily apparent that one has messages waiting, he’ll probably never see it. It’s too bad because he was asking about something that I could help with, but the conversation had been closed.

Oh, yeah, I also found the test DM you sent me earlier.

Thanks again for your help.

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Yes, that works, too. Thank you. See my reply to amitl

If there’s a public message you want to respond to that has closed, I can re-open it.

The default setting is to receive e-mail when someone direct messages you. If anyone decides to disable that preference, we’re not going to try to force them to receive e-mail they don’t want.

Additionally, there is a notification icon on your avatar when you have a message waiting. The color will vary depending on the "theme’ you have chosen to view Community in, but for the majority of our Community members, the Republic Green theme displays a blue notification icon at 11:00 on your avatar at the top of the screen. This is how mine looks when viewed on a computer, indicating I have one direct message I need to respond to:


If this is what you were seeing and you think darker colors or some reaction when moused over would be helpful, I can certanily adjust the colors.

I find it annoyingly obvious. There’s a big “1” or “2” or however many messages I have on my avatar on the top right of the screen every time I login. Frankly if you’re not getting a reply it likely either means the recipient has chosen not to reply (lots of folks simply delete DMs as they’re not interested in having “private” conversations), or that the user hasn’t been active in the community.

I wanted to respond to the member who asked about blocking calls on the Extend Home Phone.

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