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I am using a Moto G3 phone on a basic 0.5 GB data plan. How much data is required to run typical Directions apps such as Google maps (for example, a 5 hour trip, one way)?


You might have the best luck asking or searching for the answer in the Google Maps forum:!forum/maps

You can use zero mobile data by downloading maps on Wi-Fi and navigating offline:


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Probably too much … why don"t you try HERE WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS

Navigation without data for free - the solution is HERE
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I’m with @bocephous on his recommendation of the Here WeGo app. It relies on your GPS on your phone and can work offline meaning that you don’t use cell data. I’ve used it for a couple of years now and find it’s just about as accurate as my portable Garmin. I also noticed that the last tie I updated my Garmin it’s using HERE maps!
Basically you just download the map/maps of the state/states you need while you’re on a WiFi connection (you need to check go online to download the maps) and they’re stored on your phone for use by HERE, using no cell data in the process.
Hope this helps!


Hi @kevanc.xri2yc

I agree 100% with using either Google Maps or Here offline for the best data savings. Since you have data, you could always turn it on during your trip if you find yourself lost.

For perspective though, I am 8 days into my billing cycle, and have used Map data on Gmaps 5 of those days. Mostly, I turn on location, enter the address, and start navigation just to see the time/distance for my destination and the route it is going to take me. Today I used it to get to an unfamiliar location…about a 25 minute drive but made a couple of wrong lane changes, so it ended up to be about about 30-35 minutes.

Overall, I have used ~23MB of cellular data through navigation of 328GB total…(I use Chrome/Google a lot and it usually accounts for most of my data, unless I go on a media streaming binge).

Hope that helps.


Thanks all. I’ll give Here WeGo a look, also OnStar since the icon is already installed on my car screen

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