Directions ? I live in TN, however when I ask for directions the phone thinks I live in IL (6 hrs away)

What phone do you have? Moto G7 Power

What plan are you on? My choice + 1 gb

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

For over 6 months when I use voice for directions to a local place, many times it will cue that I am 6 hours away from my local store, restaurant etc. It does not always do this but it does enough to make me want to blow a head gasket.

  • Sorry that none of your fellow Republic Members/users have chimed in with help.
    • On this particular subject, I will plead ignorance … but a couple of thoughts on how you might get some help.
    • How is your Date & Time set? (I don’t have a G7, so suggest you go into Settings & then use the search function to find)
      • I would recommend Automatic date & time and Automatic time zone
    • Location … either find or search for
      1. Ensure ’ Use Location’ is enabled (toggle to right)
      2. Scroll down to ‘Google Location Accuracy’ … Select and then ensure ‘Improve Location Accuracy’ is enabled’

Thanks for the ideas, but no change yet.

ok, thanks for the feedback, another thing I think you could add that may help, would be to document the function you are using to get directions (Google/Google Maps etc and how you are invoking the request

If you open the Google Maps App on your phone, does it show the correct location?

You might wish to look at the Google Assistant help on location:
Set your home, work & other location - Android - Google Assistant Help.


Thanks for the help.

Did the help provided by @cbwahlstrom fix your problem? Let us know so that the discussion can be properly marked to help other members.

Unfortunately no. It is so strange, sometimes it knows where I am and gives the correct information and the next time it thinks I need directions to the Chicago area. For example I’ll ask for the closest Chick-Fil-A and it will give the ones in Chicago & then give directions for a 6 hour drive. :l I live in Nashville, TN

Hi @davida.fhc2m9,

Please forgive me if this has already been asked. Are you on WiFi or cell when your phone thinks it’s in the Chicago area? Do you use a VPN app on the phone?


Good question - I didn’t think about that but it is when we are ‘on the road’ and not at home using wifi. We do not use VPN.


Hi @davida.fhc2m9,

Thank you for the additional context. A phone’s location is in part determined by the IP Address via which it is connected to the Internet. So, the theory is that’s why your phone sometimes thinks it is in Chicago. Let’s test the theory. When out and about with your phone on cell, please try the following:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Type “IP Address” into the search box
  3. Tap the search result.
  4. Without sharing here, note your phone’s IP4 address (it will be a series of 4 numbers separated by periods something like NNN.NNN.NNN.NNN.)
  5. Type the numerical address in here:
  6. Where does the map suggest that IP address is located?

I keep forgetting to do this but will… :slight_smile: Soon hopefully.

It says a US military site in Chicago Illinois? I can give you the specific if that will help. However I did not have a set of four numbers like you suggested.
It was NN. NN. NNN. NN then after that there was about 20 letters and numbers.


Hi @davida.fhc2m9,

Thank you for the additional context. I do not need further specifics.

Crazy, indeed, but it does explain why your phone thinks it’s in Chicago. The question is how to convince it otherwise. I’ll need to do some thinking on that. Meanwhile, perhaps, someone else will jump in with ideas.

I’ve heard of this happening with some users on AT&T, but I’ve never encountered a solution. Since Republic Wireless uses T-Mobile and Sprint, the only reason I could postulate this happening to the OP is if he is roaming on AT&T towers. Sorry, that’s all I got.

To add a twist, I found that if I manually enter in say Home Depot it’s correct, but if I use voice it’s incorrect.

Have you tried “OK Google, I live at XXX whatever street, some city, some state?” Substituting your home address, of course.

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Hi @davida.fhc2m9,

Were you ever able to resolve your phone’s location confusion?

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