Directions ? I live in TN, however when I ask for directions the phone thinks I live in IL (6 hrs away)

No unfortunately. I’m not that tech savvy. I tried to follow some of the advice given and it is much appreciated but still no luck.

I’ll just live with it.


(gone are the days when you could talk to a human being when you would need assistance…sadly)

We’ll be glad to keep trying things, if you’re game. (I have a pretty mean stubborn streak, so I don’t give up easily.)

I’m not sure whether you mean asking for directions when you’re driving, or asking for help with this issue. I assure you that everyone who has been helping you as a human being, and I’m sorry we don’t have an answer for such an unusual experience at our fingertips, but we do have lots of helpful people here who are willing to keep trying to help you.

When I did some searching on the issue you’re describing, I found a couple of possible solutions. The clue you gave that if you enter the address it’s right, but if you ask for it outloud, it’s wrong, sounded a lot like someone who wrote that changing Google’s location settings from high accuracy to only use GPS solved it for him.
If you’d like to try that, I think these are the steps you’d need:
Open the Settings app
Tap Location
Tap Advanced
Tap Google Location Accuracy and make sure the toggle switch is to the left, and gray.

I don’t have a Moto G7 Power handy, so if those steps aren’t quite right, let me know and maybe someone else can chime in with the right steps.

I’ve also seen that you may need to delete an address from Google Assistant.
To do that, open your app drawer (swipe up from the bottom of your home screen to see your list of apps)
Then long press (tap and hold) the Assistant icon
You’ll see some options appear, tap Settings
Scroll all the way to the bottom and tap Your Places
If there’s a location there that’s not your Home or Work, delete it.


Sorry about that, I came across a bit harsh. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m just frustrated with how difficult it is to communicate with ‘communication companies’ (At&t, Verizon etc) but I can always speak with a person directly (and quickly) whenever I need to speak with someone at a brokerage firm like Fidelity or Vanguard as an example.

Moving on - I just turned off the Google Location Accuracy & deleted one old home location that was in CA. Next time I’m out of the house I’ll try directions again and let you know.

BTW, thank you for being stubborn. :grin:



Well…I did both things and when I tried to find a local home depot it pointed me to a place in Illinois???


Ok, this one is way out there, but what the heck…nothing else is working.

Try recalibrating your compass.

On my setup (A11), I long press on the blue dot in google maps. I get a pop up that gives me the apparent location of the blue dot. When the app senses that accuracy is poor, I gets a warning that my location accuracy is low, and gives me a “calibrate” button.


Update: I just noticed a "calibrate” button just under the “your location” pop up when you press the blue dot. Who knew?


I see you said you’re not using a VPN, but are you using any sort of privacy related app of any kind on the phone? Anti-virus, or anything like that?

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