Can i get Directv on my phone? Tethering Hotspot and notepad through RW? I know on my Verizon Droid I need a separate phone number?


Have you installed the Direct TV app:

DIRECTV - Android Apps on Google Play


I just bought into a trial period of the new “direct tv now” it’s direct tv for streaming no equipment to buy. I bought the Go Big package over 100 channels for promotion 35 + 5 for HBO total $40. So far I like it especially that they say if you lock in on the 35 dollar now we can keep it as long as subscribed. That package will be $60 after promotion ends for new sign ups.

Anyways yes, you can stream it on your phone and or tv.

Currently devices that have “dtv now” app are amazon fire tv, Apple TV, Android 4.4 and higher, Chromecast, IOS 9 and higher.

There is a few downsides like no DVR, ABC, CBS but they say that’s coming.

Am I happy enough to finally cut the cord? YES! but… trying to convince my significant other is another thing but we have a few months of cable contract left, will be doing more testing.

It’s not for everyone, it does eat the data, that said if you don’t have unlimited home internet available, it’s probably not worth it.