Disable emergency alerts


how do I disable National emergency alerts?


this will be different per model (which for phone do you have?)

on My Moto Z2 Play it’s in Setting–>Sound–>Emergency alert settings


my phone is a MOTO G5 plus. Thanks for the response


On all the Moto’s you can find :motohelp: Device Help … it is located in the :appsicon: App Drawer and provides a wealth of information coupled with function testing


On the G5+. I believe the path is Settings -> Sound -> Emergency broadcasts. There are on/off toggles there for "extreme threats, “severe threats” and AMBER alerts. Please know true national emergency alerts a/k/a Presidential alerts are mandatory and cannot be turned off, which is why you don’t see a toggle for that.


I’ve got it. Thank you for the help. I really appreciate it.


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