Disable last update?

THe last update changed teh way I dismiss open windows, it makes me swipe up and I want to continue to swipe right.
it also messed up the brightness of my screen at night. I can barely read it now.

How can I get my open apps to close the old way?
How can I get my screen brightness (at night) to adjust properly?

Why doesn’t Android have 2 updates, one for secutity patches and another that is for people who want to learn their GUI over again.
That way I can get only security updates and leave the other for people who have time to play on their phones.

As far as I know, you can’t


Many of these phone-specific questions are best asked of the manufacturer. Motorola has extensive published help documents and a support team for these types of questions. I had to look at your posting history to figure out which phone you may have been referring to.

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People are being advised to update their apps on Lenova’s forum. My apps are up to date and how will updating any app help me get rid of a search box on my home screen, a volume adjustment that does not work (and has been moved) and several other little things. Like my phone now turns pages with the up and down volume (did I mention I cannot control the volume at all) and that my adaptive brightness will not work

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