Disable the popup window on the help ticket page

Can you please add a “go away” button to the popup window on the help ticket page? It has never offered a suggestion that was even remotely related to the subject I was submitting. I am sure it can be helpful, but at this stage of its development, it is merely irritating and disheartening.

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Just hit “send” and it is gone, it only pops up at the end. There are ones that try to help while typing but they are off to the side and should not bother you.

Do you open a lot of tickets? Maybe we can help you here so you do not need to open a ticket. Tickets are costly for us and we try to make it easy to get help from many methods, this forum is one of the best. Most of our customers never open a ticket so I wonder if this should be a repetitive issue.

They are distracting and do bother me a bit too.

They can but they really help us to point people to the answer. But it should not be a repetitive stress issue since 2 or three tickets a lifetime should be all that is needed at most. Most never open a ticket, ever.

That’s understandable, and I can see their value. I, unfortunately, have had a rather more negative experience with Republic and I am about to go to another carrier in search of a reliable, acceptable quality, mobile connection for my business. In 2015-2016 I foolishly attempted to resolve the WiFi/Moto X/Lollipop problem through the technical ticket process.

If I remember correctly there was only one fix for that after the upgrade to Lollipop and it was a Factory reset. That should have been the final fix.

About a dozen don’t open a ticket because they call me instead. :slight_smile:

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That is a great friend. I do the same for my parents, kids and for some reason random people that call me.

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This is great feedback @davidr.ctpon9 and @williamo.vkbg0s thanks for sharing.

We’re working very hard behind the scenes right now at Republic Support to increase the volume and quality of knowledge content that flows out via our Help Center. The idea is to marry that with high quality unified search that will pull from both Help Center and our new community platform that you’re using right now.

When we get that all set up, we’ll offer up more relevant knowledge in an unobtrusive way that will save you an extra step of searching while submitting a support ticket.

@seanr’s given a good short-term solution, but definitely an area we’re going to work on improving. Thanks for confirming for us that this page needs some usability work.

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The factory reset solved the problem for 1-3 days at a time.

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