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My wife’s G4 keeps turning the wifi back on even after she disables it at her work to conserve battery. Apparently it is a feature of Republic to auto enable the wifi. From chatting with someone at Republic, this is a newer feature. However, there should be an option to disable that so you can truly have your wifi off. It is annoying getting the wifi auto enable prompt several times a day. There is only password protected wifi networks at her work that she is not allow to go on, so why can’t we just keep wifi off?

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This is not a newer feature, nor should it be happening all the time. This has been part of the Republic Wireless App basically since inception. If it is repeatedly re-enabling and not just when the phone restarts it usually indicates the Republic App is crashing and restarting. I would recommend uninstalling the updates to the app, powering the phone off and back on, and then reinstalling the updates to the app to see if it resolves the issue.

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If you are talking about the reminder and not the auto-enable function itself…then that reminder can be turned off

Open your RW app
Tap on :settingsicon: -> Data Tools
Disable “Turn on WiFi reminder”

Edit: The Wifi auto-enable function of the RW app does auto-enable the WiFi on a restart.
That aspect of it cannot be disabled. But for use case, if you simply shut off WiFi in the course of normal use, it should not auto-enable it. It will keep giving you the reminders at the interval of your choice up to 60 minutes…or you can disable the reminders as I noted above.

I was told by someone on Republic that it was a newer update to the app. It’s hard for me to see exactly what is happening since it’s my wife’s phone and happens when she is at work. But now that you mention it, does sound like maybe the app is crashing and rebooting. I’ll give your suggestion a try when she gets home.

I’ll have her try that as well, but from what she is telling me, everytime she turns wifi off, she ends up getting a message that Wifi was re-enable when she unlocks her phone.

Hi @justinl.k1ba9p,

Perhaps the confusion (not yours) involves the fact the notification reminding one that they’ve turned WiFi off referenced by @amitl is a relatively recent addition to the Republic app.

The behavior of the Republic app turning WiFi on upon restarting the phone, which in turn restarts the Republic app is not new. As mentioned by @louisdi, the Republic app has for some time now automatically turned WiFi on upon restart. I tend to agree him the symptoms suggest the Republic app is crashing, thereby, causing it to repeatedly restart

Totally agree! Very annoying. My old phone moto x did it just once when you first turned it on. Now with my moto g, it is twice minimum: once when you turn the phone on, once again after a few minutes. Sometimes in the middle of the day I discover it’s been on all day - running down my battery.
I already had the “Turn on WiFi reminder” disabled.

RW’s WiFi Auto Enable…only does it at startup or RW app restart.

There is a separate built-in Auto WiFi enable feature in Android Pie that can be accessed here

Settings -> Network & Internet -> WiFi -> Wi-Fi preferences
Disable “Turn on Wi-Fi automatically”

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