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I keep getting a message that says I’ve disabled cellular data for a number of things. I haven’t done that recently but evidently did in the past. Now I can’t send a message from my email but can text. I’ve turned on cellular data but still get this message every time. How can I stop it? Thank you.


Hi @davidp.lttcob

Which model phone are you using, please? Likely things to check can vary by make & model.

Moto X (Android 5.1)


Please open the Republic Wireless app. Touch the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the app screen.
Select “Cell data settings”
Is the box to the right of “Cell data” checked?

Yes, it’s checked. It wasn’t when I started to get these messages but I checked it last night.

Thanks for checking and for getting back to us. Did this fix the problem or are you still getting error messages?


Please try the following:

Open the Republic Wireless app
Touch the icon that looks like the cell signal strength indicator. This should take you to a screen titled " Cell Data"
At the bottom of this screen is a white box with the text “Cell data used”. Touch this box. It should take you to a different Cell Data screen. You should see apps listed that use cell data. To the right of each of these is a toggle. Please make sure, that for the apps you want to use away from WiFi, the corresponding toggles are flipped to the Right or ON position.


Aahh, I think that was it. I thought to the right meant it was OFF so I had everything backwards. Just sent myself an email and didn’t get that error. Seems to be ok now. Thank you very much Johnny5!



You are very welcome, @davidp.lttcob Thanks for bringing this to the Community so we could help you fix it!


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