Disabling PIN access for Huawei Ascend

First, I tried a chat … and after over half an hour the CSW just had to inform me that they (he) were not familiar with Huawei enough to assist me.

Having to input a four digit PIN every time that my wife wants to access her phone (say it has been set down for thirty seconds) she finds it annoying to have to go through that process. Therefore, she simply wants that feature disabled.

I could not figure it out, which is par for the course. The CSW could not figure it out … which … well …

Again, the PIN has not been lost or forgotten. She simply wants the feature disabled. There should be some simple way, or perhaps this IS nuclear physics.

Any assistance will be truly appreciated.

Can you please go to Settings – Security – Device Administrators? What apps are listed there?

And to be clear, the phone has the “None” for screen lock grayed out? That is the issue?

There is no “none” shown, at all.

Settings > Screen lock & passwords > Password

This is where you’re looking on the phone?

That’s where I was looking, prior to my wife leaving and taking her device. Curiouser and curiouser. In any event, thanks very much for your trying to help.

There truly should be a way. Unless this has turned into an issue with nuclear physics.

When she gets back, please check the device administrators and report back!

Will do, louisdi. Again, thank you very much.

Is or has your wife set up Fingerprint ID? If so, a PIN or password are required as backup unlock methods?

Thanks for the reply, rolandh. No, she has not set up the fingerprint feature.

I’m sharing your wife’s experience on the Ascend 5W in my household. Generally, I want a screen lock PIN or password on the phone but agree one should be able to disable it should that be their preference.

@louisdi, I’ve checked and disabled any device administrators. I’ve also cleared credential storage and restarted the phone. No change.

I’ve had a cellular phone since the days of a “bag phone”, in the late eighties. Never had any form of locking or password protection. If someone decides to steal a locked phone, there are many ways around it … You lose any data, pictures or videos … However, if you’ve stolen the phone . Who cares?

It’s when you DO remember the PIN. When you dislike having to reenter the PIN every thirty seconds to use the device … Why have it?

Just wasted effort. Moreover, it’s wasted effort with no protective use.

To each their own on the efficacy of screen lock passwords. It isn’t my intent to argue the point with you. You and I are in complete agreement that it should be a matter of choice. It’s not clear Huawei agrees with us on that. The more I poke around the Internet, the more I’m finding the experience is a fairly common one on Huawei phones.

I’m working with the same phone your wife has. I’m trying to find a method that works.

@rolandh You willing to experiment?

Already tried that, didn’t work. Maybe I didn’t follow closely enough. Huawei’s suggestion seems to be the ever popular factory reset.

Yes, I saw that in a Reddit thread.

No intent to argue, from me, rolandh. My wife gave her second Republic unit a slight sprinkling of water and did not get into the ziplock bag with rice in time. It was her second Motorola and she didn’t want another Motorola.

After a few weeks, she had yet to order a new device, so I just bought the Huawei. For the price, it appeared to have decent enough specs. Had she told me that she wanted a Galaxy … I would have ordered a Galaxy. It’s my fault that I couldn’t read her mind. I was just tired of many of her acquaintances contacting me to find out what was wrong.

I should have known to have ordered her a Samsung.

There was no “pattern” . ergo, couldn’t progress.

The only way to access device administrator(s) is Advanced Settings … then Security … The only thing that comes up is “Find My Device” which is Inactive.

A second attempt using this link (originally supplied by @louisdi) worked for me: http://ministryofsolutions.com/2016/10/disable-screen-lock-huawei-devices.html.

The screens on the Ascend are slightly different from those shown at the link. Please give it a shot on your wife’s phone and if you need actual screenshots from an Ascend 5W, please let me know.

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