Disappearing contacts

I have a moto G4 play. I was able to transfer the contact list from the iPhone to my moto G4. However, some of the old entries disappear and when I re-enter them they are gone by the next day.

Almost 100% of the time this issue is with a user using a Microsoft based email address. MSN, Hotmail, Live or Outlook and not using the Outlook app. The way contacts are synced with their email causes issues if the sync fails. Use the Outlook app and things should be fine.

I have outlook and gmail on my phone. Can l delete my outlook and keep my gmail without losing my contacts.

If the contacts are located here https://contacts.google.com/ you will not lose them when you remove the Outlook Account (though you may need to re-sync after the removal

If there not there you should export them from outlook and import them to Google

Got it. Thanks so much

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