Disappearing Emails

If I manually delete a couple spam emails it will only be about an hour and all my emails for the day are gone. If I leave one email unread, it doesn’t appear to do this. How can I stop it from deleting everything!?

Hi @brucef.w79us9

The best answer for this situation depends on a few variables.

Who is the email provider? Don’t reply with your entire email address in a public forum, just the part after the " @ "

What email app are you currently using?

Please confirm you have a Moto G (1st Gen.)



charter.net and gmail addresses

i have both set up on the G mail app.

It is a Moto G but i’m not sure about the generation of it. We’ve had the phones for around 2 years.


Is the Gmail address being used on more than one phone?

Yes, it’s on my wife’s phone too.

Having the same Gmail account on phones with two different, active users, can cause problems. Each phone should have a unique Gmail account so that things like contacts, apps and gmail stay separate. Try having separate Gmail accounts on the two phones and see if the problem recurs for Gmail.

As far as Charter.net is concerned, the usual recommended practice of using the email app created by the provider doesn’t apply in this case because Charter doesn’t have an email app.

Thanks, I’ll try to delete the Gmail account from my wife’s phone.

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