Disappointed that old customer can't keep the wifi only plan

I am disappointed that I can’t keep my $5 wifi only plan with Republic. I bought a Defy phone when it was the only phone that could be used with Republic. A month after I bought the Defy phone I bought the new Moto X (now called Gen 1). When I decided to retire to Mexico my Moto X was in poor shape so I looked into reusing my Defy that only had 1 month use. NO it can’t be used and YOU know the reason was because that phone would have worked forever. So I changed my old moto X to the $5.00 wifi only plan in Mexico and $5.00 fits in amazing with retirement funds. Fishing on the internet for a phone that will work with my plan, from Mexico, is far harder than you might think. Amazon has none listed and it is very hard to trust the seller of a used old phone. Ebay is not an option and I would buy a new phone from Republic but you KNOW that they won’t allow the wifi only plan anymore. It seems that my only option is to end my many years service with Republic Wireless.

Try a Google Voice account with the Google Voice app. You can use any phone that is compatible with the Google Voice app.

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Google voice says it is incompatible with all my devices. A little scary is that google knew this info instantly.

I would guess it’s because you can’t sign up for/download Google Voice from a Non-US IP. Some have had luck signing up using a VPN with a US proxy.

I thought about that also. Do I need a USA phone to use the Google Voice or can I use just a computer? My Moto x is dead with out a chance of working.

You don’t need a cell phone for Google Voice. You can use a computer or tablet.

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Thank you very much. I hope I can remember to always use the VPN before using the app. So far that hasn’t worked out too good for me as every time I use a video service and forget to turn on the VPN, the service turns off and then the service will not work anymore even with the VPN. I still have the $5 wifi only plan with Republic, I hope to find a phone that I can import and use again. If not then it was a great run with Republic Wireless. I saved tons of money over AT&T. I left my last $100 phone bill from AT&T taped to my door for 2 years after switching to Republic.

You really shouldn’t need to use the VPN after getting signed up and set up. You can use Google Voice outside the United States without problem (in countries that don’t ban it).

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