Disappointing service with Nexus 6P


I just received Republic Wireless’s latest promotion email and couldn’t help click on the coverage link. While the areas I entered were said to have coverage (at least “talk and text”), I know this is not the case.

Several months ago, I upgraded from my Moto X to the Nexus 6P. The Moto X was great, but I needed something with a little more computation power and memory. The Nexus 6P was that device.

Or so I thought.

Several months of usage later, I found myself looking back on frustrating situations - areas where Moto X had no problem with phone service, Nexus had often left me stranded.

The latest example happened last week. My wife and I were in West Jefferson, NC looking at the beauty of dying and dead leaves. She has Verizon and had no problem uploading pictures and calling family. For everything my Nexus is, “phone” wasn’t part of the description on this trip. Two years in the same area, my Moto shined as a phone.

It’s probably a simple matter of Moto X’s Sprint service vs Nexus’s T-Mobile. Still, why should RW advertise coverage that doesn’t exist?



If GSM coverage is not acceptable for you (an on the Ground results trump any coverage map (which is based on calculation that are imperfect)
Please create a help ticket (or open a Chat with support and request a CDMA SIM for your Nexus 6P

I will add the comparing a low cost MVNO to Verizon Coverage is a bit unfair, Republic CDMA partner is Sprint and the GSM partner is T-mobile



Hi @moto-rrd,

We’ve recently updated our coverage maps as well as the tool that analyzes coverage for purchases, and will continue to improve it. Thank you for your feedback.

Please do open a support ticket and be sure to indicate that your previous Moto X (which gen?) had coverage in areas where the Nexus 6P does not, that you were happy with the coverage on the Moto X, and that you’d like to have that same coverage on the Nexus 6P.


Message an
Expert customer