Disappointment finally happened


I’ve been with Republic for quite a while ,but I’ve finally been disappointed in the handling of my phone problem. I wanted a new phone exchange ,but they’re are offering me a pre owned exchange. I’m not reading this in their policy plus they didn’t send me a pre owned device the past time I bought a new device from them and it had a problem. Uhgg!


Phone manufacturers typically replace warrantied phones with refurbished stock. That bothers some folks, but it’s been happening for years.


Good morning @donalde,

If a problem occurs and is reported to RW Support during the 14 day return policy it may be best to return the phone for a refund if you want a new phone. You would incur an another shipping charge if ordering a new replacement phone from RW. Once outside of the return period you are unfortunately at the mercy of the seller or manufacturer.



It doesn’t mention anywhere that you’ll get a pre owned phone. The last time they didn’t give me a hard time like this ,and sent me a New replacement. Republic must of had Management changes since my last phone purchase.


Hi @donalde,

It depends on the circumstances surrounding replacement of the phone. If one is within Republic’s 14-day money back guarantee, one may return a phone for any reason for a refund, then purchase the new phone of their choice.

If, on the other hand, one is returning a defective phone under manufacturer’s warranty, replacement with a like new refurbished device is industry standard practice. Please keep in mind, it’s the manufacturer that decides the terms of its warranty. When Republic facilitates replacement of a phone under manufacturer’s warranty, it’s acting as the manufacturer’s agent. The manufacturer not Republic makes the rules.


It is within 14 days. I asked they exchange because I don’t want to be without a phone. I wouldn’t mind sending the old one for a refund ,and ordering a new one if that wasn’t the case.
I also had a promo coupon too.


Hi @donalde,

In that case, have you mentioned to staff working your ticket that you’re within the 14-day money back guarantee period and you would like a new rather than like new refurbished phone?

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Hi @donalde,

I’ve reviewed your ticket, and the issues you’ve described on the phone are not likely to be hardware issues. This makes it hard for our agents to replace the phone with a new one under our warranty agreements with the manufacturer. They have, however, escalated your ticket for management review.

There is still much troubleshooting that could be done to solve the issues you have described. I understand you’ve lost faith in the phone because it’s not doing something you expect it to do, but I think a replacement phone is likely to end up have similar symptoms if we don’t chase down what exactly is causing it.

I know that’s not the kind of immediate resolution a lot of members want, troubleshooting can be complex and time consuming. But skipping troubleshooting can also been time consuming, when the same issues return after a replacement.

I’d encourage you to either troubleshoot the issues here in Community, or to continue to troubleshoot with our staff. As our staff works their way down the path of troubleshooting, if nothing solves the issue, then they have the basis for a warranty return.

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A supposably new device is on the way. Like prying a deer from a Alligator. I’ve performed what steps support requested.
If a new device doesn’t resolve the issue,then I guess it’s on me. BTW. Republic replaced a device before for me ,and it resolved an issue. This isn’t my first rodeo.

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