Disconnecting from cellular service

I have a MOTO E4 Plus

I’m using the My Choice Talk & Text + 3 GB Cell Data plan

Phone disconnects from cellular and needs restart to get connected

I first noticed this when working in an airplane hangar, poor coverage inside building. Walk outside and it used to connect. Now I get full triangle with either an H or an E left of the cellular triangle. I also noticed these disconnects after flying the airplane. This behavior just seemed to start all on its own.

Android 7.1.1 June 1, 2017 patch level.

Today it happened while sitting in a parking lot in my car. tried to make a call and nothing but the H was left of the full triangle, next thing I notice is emergency only. Restart phone and was able to make the call.

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This may have more to do with the provider network than anything else. I suggest you open a support ticket and let the RW support people check into possibility of a network problem. I don’t know what the H or E represents. I’ve never seen it or looked into it.

That said, you might also want to try restarting the phone in Safe mode to see if anything changes. Given the description of your problem, I don’t think it will make a difference, but, its worth a try.

Edit: I should add, that this may also be a temporary issue due to work on the tower or network equipment. @drm186’s info, below, is also helpful.


E stands for Edge a 2.0/2.5 GSM cell technology
H stands for HSPA and HSPA+ a 3.0/3.5 GSM cell technology


In addition to the info provided by @beachb and @drm186 you may want to try an app like this to show which towers are avail and info about them


Have you tried cycling the cell off/on by enabling the airplane mode on/off? Not saying it will help but would be easier than doing a restart if it works for you.

Does sound as if your coverage may be spotty. Is your major issue with just making calls or are you trying to use cell data for web access too?

I’ve worked in numerous hangers have hundreds of jumpseat hours.

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