Discontinued product: Extend Home Adapter

Extend Home is a niche offering to be sure. Those of us in the niche (and I’m one of them), however, very much appreciate it. It saddens me fellow members not already using Extend home no longer have the opportunity. I’m grateful that, for now at least, those of us who already use Extend Home are able to continue doing so.

Without further development, which Republic stopped some time ago, it’s inevitable. At some point, future operating system updates will render Anywhere incompatible. Candidly, I’m surprised (pleasantly so) Anywhere remains as functional as it does.


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I wonder if this is a hint of other changes to come. Maybe RW is going to stop being based on VOIP tech so they can be “co-administered” (merged while keeping brand names) with Ting. No VOIP foundation, no Extend Home.

Pure speculation on my part.

What a bummer! So this means when our adapter goes kaput, that’s it? Could we get a replacement from Grandstream or do we need to find another VOIP service for our home phone? Is Republic going to help us transition?


I’d bet the device will outlast the service. (To be clear, not because I think the service is going away soon but because I have an Obi200 that I’ve had since 2013. These things just don’t die).


As things stand, if’s one’s adapter were to fail, I would have to say, yes.

Republic’s Extend Home adapter is indeed a Grandstream HT801 but with a custom configuration. An off the shelf Grandstream adapter wouldn’t work with Republic’s Extend Home service. Regarding the need to find another VoIP service; while it may very well come to that (no inside information here), I suggest it’s a premature concern. At least for now, the service remains available for those of us who already have an adapter.

How would you like Republic to help? I ask this as a serious question. I do not see Republic suggesting a specific alternative nor would I want them to do so. In the event, an alternative service becomes necessary, the best alternative depends upon one’s use case. You might take a look at the questions I posed here.

I’d say that’s a pretty good bet. I have ATAs (analog telephone adapters) that are more than 5 years old. The most common part failure I’ve seen is the external power supply (wall wart). I’d have to look at my Extend Home adapter but am confident a power supply for it could be sourced.

You probably have 23 of them in a desk drawer. It is plain old microUSB.

Hi @lourdesm.1f1osr,

I’m glad you’re enjoying this feature.

As long as we are supporting the Extend Home feature, if you have trouble with it, please contact our Help Team. This announcement is only that we’ve discontinued the product from our online store.

Please understand, this was not an announcement that the Extend Home feature you are currently enjoying has been discontinued.


I consider Extend Home Adapter a game changer. It’s such a competitive advantage for RW. I brag about it since I got one. I would hate this product to sunset.


I would hate this product to sunset.

Me, too! Extend Home is one of the best things about Republic Wireless service.


ah well, i had a feeling this is how it would go.
do let us know if they change their mind and want to offer this again!


This is hugely disappointing and shows the slow death of a great company.
No new innovation.
Cancel all the previous innovation.
Partner with a huge inefficient company.

All good things come to an end eventually.


They’re not “partnering”. The Republic name and assets were bought by DISH. It is an acquisition, not partnership.


Time to start looking for anew provider. The idea of cutting back on services stinks.

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Looking to buy a extended home hardware but I can not find it on the web site what happens to it


Hi @robertc.wyhf0c,

A bit of sad news around here about that: :slightly_frowning_face:

Good to know now. Dashed my plans to change service at home. :disappointed_relieved:

Talk about removing things, It was ■■■■ you guys removed the unlimited data (for one price) especially for those of us that have been with RW since beta days.

Mine has not worked correctly in over a month. I opened several tickets and done everything they wanted me to do. I got an invite to call a representative which was weird because I didn’t think the took call.
The guy told me since I had tried everything he would have to escalate to get me a refund.
I received an email stating they had a bug with the system and they could refund or I can wait for the bug fix. Now it I feel they are doing nothing and instead are discontinuing the service. I guess this makes since because they are not making any extra money from this service. IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY NOT SERVICE

It just doesn’t work anymore I had to switch back to my old xlink

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