Discontinued product: Extend Home Adapter

They’re not “partnering”. The Republic name and assets were bought by DISH. It is an acquisition, not partnership.


Time to start looking for anew provider. The idea of cutting back on services stinks.

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Looking to buy a extended home hardware but I can not find it on the web site what happens to it


Hi @robertc.wyhf0c,

A bit of sad news around here about that: :slightly_frowning_face:

Good to know now. Dashed my plans to change service at home. :disappointed_relieved:

Talk about removing things, It was ■■■■ you guys removed the unlimited data (for one price) especially for those of us that have been with RW since beta days.

Mine has not worked correctly in over a month. I opened several tickets and done everything they wanted me to do. I got an invite to call a representative which was weird because I didn’t think the took call.
The guy told me since I had tried everything he would have to escalate to get me a refund.
I received an email stating they had a bug with the system and they could refund or I can wait for the bug fix. Now it I feel they are doing nothing and instead are discontinuing the service. I guess this makes since because they are not making any extra money from this service. IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY NOT SERVICE

It just doesn’t work anymore I had to switch back to my old xlink

Hi @darrenelder,

This topic is about Extend Home, and I don’t want to take it too far off course, but I want to be sure you don’t think you’re being ignored.

The plans that offered unlimited data still exist. We didn’t remove them. They are, however, restricted to the phones for which they were created. Our newer phones operate on the My Choice plan which does not include an “unlimited” option. We understand we have some member who would like to see an “unlimited” option, and we appreciate that feedback, as it helps us plan for the future.

Hi @robinr.wmtwm0,

Welcome to our Member Community.

Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry to see that you are one of a handful of users who have experienced a bug with Extend Home that we’ve not been able to resolve. Like many others on the Republic team, I’m a very happy Extend Home user, and we’re disappointed and discouraged to see such a bug begin to cause problems for what we feel is otherwise a great feature for our service.

Since I tend to be a cynic, I can understand and respect your healthy cynicism regarding the future of Extend Home and its value to the company since, as you point out, it is not a profit generator. I want to make clear that it was never designed to be a profit generator, but, rather, a differentiator. It allowed us to offer a unique feature that other cellular services don’t provide, and to do so at no extra charge. We felt adding that unique value to our service would give people a reason to stay with us, which makes it worthwhile, even if it’s not generating its own revenue.

Thanks for your interest in this feature and for being a Republic Wireless member.


I’m sad to hear that. I was touting it to a friend who is looking for a new cell provider, and I had noticed a few weeks ago that the EH adapters were not available.

That just made my jaw drop Southpaw. Wow!.


The best thing about Republic is Republic Anywhere and the Home Extend. There are other basic cheap cell phone options available in the world. I’ve stayed with Republic because I can text from my computer and use my home phone.


It’s sad to me to think that I’m the only one who seems to see the benefits of Republic wireless and having limitations on data.

:free: I also have a republic wireless extend home adapter if anyone wants it. :thinking: :free:

In the beginning and the little bang made republic wireless. It was good.

In 2013 my family switched 3 phones from Verizon $154 talk and text to republic wireless $34.
Moto series phones for $129-229 instead of whatever Verizon was offering from $350-1100.

We’ve saved $1000’s a year since on service and phones.

  • On a side note I invested my yearly savings and it pays for my phones now.

Now back to data. :face_with_monocle:
I’ve found that spending money on Netflix and YouTube to have the ability to pre-download music, movies and tv shows for use offline.
Google maps offline or Maps with me pro free :free: satellite :satellite::artificial_satellite: data. Which by the way works everywhere cell service doesn’t. A definite plus.
Spending 40%+ of my life at home, 40%+ at work, misc. time in and out of free :free: WiFi spots for dining or shopping.
Having 1 gig of data has rarely been a problem.
Meanwhile my son and other friends burn $15 to 65 each month on unlimited data plans.
That’s $180 to $780 you could use on other things that upgrade your entire family and life.

I remember an old quote from Mark Twain. “Buy land they aren’t making it anymore.”

I apply this investment logic to everything.
In order to hedge against inflation, one must invest earlier rather than later.

“If you live like no one else now, later you can live like no one else.”
~ Dave Ramsey😉

I love the fact that I can have unlimited talk and text and data amount of my choice. I love that I can pay the bill for the entire year all at once. I love they put the Pixel 4 XL on sale. I love my pixel so much that I don’t use the Extend Home Adapter or Republic Anywhere anymore.

I also pay all my utilities in advance. I review my last year’s utilities and then mail one check out for the year. Save time which is much more valuable than money to me. :relaxed:

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m in no way a wealthy person. I just follow how they live on a much smaller scale.

The more you know ~ :star: :rainbow: NBC
Enjoy :blush:


If I buy a previously-owned Extend Home, is it possible to have it provisioned on my RW account?

I ask because I have just this week transferred my mother to RW for the great plans and extend home, and now am totally disappointed to discover it has been discontinued.


At this time, if it has been properly disassociated from the old account, yes you can.

While my above answer is accurate today, PERSONAL OPINION AHEAD, I would not expect the ability to activate to remain forever, nor would I expect that the service to be continued forever.

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