Discourse Themes not working?

Are these forums (Discource) themes not working for anyone?
I had set to Dark theme, and this evening its stuck on all white and none of the themes you can select are working.

Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

It’s not just you.
It looks like something is not loading correctly. Let me see what I can figure out.

Can you change themes now, @SpeedingCheetah?

Try it from your preferences page: https://forums.republicwireless.com/u/Speedingcheetah/preferences/interface

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It worked and saved from preferences page, but the toggles on the dropdown menu on the upper right triple line menu still do not work for some reason.

Ok. I’ll look into that part of it tomorrow.

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Actually, give it another try now, @SpeedingCheetah.

The site is all sorts of messed up now.
A giant generic figure on the top of the page.
The normal page header is gone.
a global message :All outgoing email has been globally disabled by an administrator. No email notifications of any kind will be sent.

The notification about the E-mail is because I have turned off E-mailed notifications while I work on some Community housekeeping.

I’m not able to duplicate the other issues you are seeing. Could you try a forced refresh?

I have refreshed a few times. Still had issues for a bit there.
Back to normal as of this moment.
Must just be some random glitches going on.

Usually if you’re seeing the large generic icons, it means there’s a bottleneck somewhere between you and our servers preventing some css rules from properly applying to the page’s rendering.

Are the themes now selecting as designed from the hamburger menu?

yes. that is working now.

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