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I’d like to be able to attach a video to send via mms in the phone app.

You can, but like other texting apps, it must be a video created in the app. There are too many differing file restrictions from other carriers to allow any free form videos. Each carrier is different and the size requirements can be quite small.

I see now that if I select the camera function I can at least take a new video. However, I’d like to be able to attach an already captured video. This feature is included in Android Messages.

Already captured by the text app or just full videos captured whenever? Those will usually be way too big.

Android Messages allows you to select videos taken whenever by the camera app. I just tested it, sending a 6.5MB video from my wife’s Republic phone using Android Messages. When the message was received by my phone, the video attachment had been resized to 1.4MB.

This should already work in the Anywhere Android app.

In the Android anywhere phone app, when I look for files to attach, it only shows pictures. Videos I’ve already taken are missing from the list.

Thanks, you’re completely right. A few months ago I’d sent two videos using Anywhere. Embarrassingly, I’d forgotten how I got them to send. I started in Google Photos app and shared them from there. It appears that the latest version of Photos will only allow me to send a link or share as an album now.

Sharing videos is something we’ll be adding to Anywhere, including the Android app, in the future. I apologize for the incorrect information earlier!

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