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Can RW compress all of the question on the board to a Huawei Ascend W5 board? Just like you did the other phones. Ok, most of the phone. The 5W is a unique phone by itself and should have a focus group under Categories.

Hi @ahmanm ,

We’ve found that having separate sections resulted in people posting their questions in all of the sections, thinking they’d get answered more quickly.

I have, however, added the “Huawei Ascend” as a category when you create a post, so that might help. I’ll try to mark specific Huawei questions with that category as I find them.

Good afternoon@southpaw@rw ,

G4 Play has been a BYOP phone for awhile and now offered by RW. Will you please add it as a category too. Thank you.

Done, thanks.

Thank you.

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