Discussion: Leaving home in 2020

Discussion questions for our Orion Wifi participants, to help us get to know you and understand how you use your phone.

  1. How much time are you currently spending away from home, and what kinds of places are you frequenting?
  2. How has 2020 been different for you in this aspect?
  3. What kinds of places do you find yourself most looking forward to visiting again in the future?

I go to work every day, and do house calls 3 days a week. I go grocery shopping and sometimes to the hardware store. That is about it. I did go to Disney once, but that was enough.

I don’t get to go to sporting or music/theatre events or spend much time with my friends. I am unable to visit my family. My wife and I are still employed full time and nothing has changed financially.

I can’t wait to go anywhere. Visit more of the country, and eventually the rest of the world.

  1. I minimize my time away from home. I do go out to eat and visit the library occasionally, I visit the grocery store and medical facilities as needed.
  2. 2020 has been different in that I go shopping much less. The music festival I attend every year was cancelled. I haven’t been to see a movie . I go out to eat much less as restaurants are open less or have less seating capacity.
  3. I look forward to going to more restaurants, the Wheatland Music Festival and the airport. I also look forward to spending more time with my family.
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I’m not spending too much time away from home. Places I visit are generally grocery stores, medical appts, or the odd errand.

2020 I am driving a LOT less.

Definitely looking forward to visiting friends and family more. This has given me more time to do some things, yet, now I can’t do them.

  1. I am at home most of the time. I go to the grocery store, occasionally other stores, library, park.
  2. This isn’t much different than normal, but normally I would spend more time (to varying degrees) in public parks, library, cafes, restaurants. Plus the occasional trip to other places.
  3. I most look forward to travelling internationally again (I’m an immigrant - was very lucky to have made a trip to see family/friends in February for the first time in 7+ years, was excited to not wait so long before travelling again!) and hanging out in cafes.
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