Disgusted with customer service and getting questions answered

Why did my contact list not transfer to new phone with phone number?

Are they at https://contacts.google.com/ ? If so, they should propogate to your phone. Did you read the answer you received to your previous post?

My new phone activated and phone number transferred but contacts did not

Hi @candacem.kxxpl0,

Please understand you’ve posted in Republic’s Community forum. Community is largely populated by members, like me, doing their best to help other members, like you. We are not Republic employees. Staff does drop in from time to time, however, direct support is mostly done through Republic’s ticket system.

Ways to get help directly from Republic, if that is your preference, are outlined here: Getting Help from Republic.

Contacts are typically stored with your email service. If you are using gmail then once you log in to the Gmail app, all of your contacts should come over when the phone syncs. If you are using some other email like Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL, you may want to use their official app since they will be better designed to sync their contacts.

If you treated your old phone like a dumb phone and entered everyone into the phone manually and did not sync them, then they may be lost.

Let us know if there is anything that does not make sense and we will try to help. The community is about explaining things and we are not offended if we need to explain things a different way, we do not want you to be frustrated, we are here for each other.

Hi @candacem.kxxpl0,

I’ve reviewed your ticket history, chat history, and even your interactions with our Directly Experts and I can find nothing on this topic, nor even on any topic within the last 30 days. I’m at a loss to understand why you are disgusted with our customer service and getting questions answered.

Please let us know if there is anything further we can do help you. If the contacts are not synced to your E-mail provider, but you still have the old phone, it may be possible to move the contacts. We’ll need to know what kinds of phones the old and new phone are in order to give you specific steps to follow.

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