Distinctive ring for Sprint number?

Is there a way to assign a distinctive ring to calls that come in to the underlying Sprint number?

this is not possible as how the underlying number works for Republic hybrid VOIP/Cell system

All incoming Cell (non WiFi) are though the underlying number as Republic will forward the calls coming in to the Republic number to the underlying number when they do not see your phone on the Republic servers (WiFi connection)

In that case, let me elaborate on what I’m trying to do. I have work calls forwarding to my cell. I would like work calls to have a distinctive ring. My first thought was that I could forward the work calls to the Sprint number, but that won’t work. Is there a way that forwarded calls could have a distinctive ring?

In the contact list you can assign a distinctive ring for individual callers. All others will have the default ring. I’ve assigned unique ringtones to my friends and family (snippets from songs) so I can tell who is calling without even looking at the phone. Doing this might get you close to what you want.

I would create a contact call work (or your company name) and put you work numbers in there adding as they come in if necessary and give that contact a different ringtone


set up a google Voice (or some other over the top service) using their app to have a custom ringtone and forward to that number (note this will be a VOIP on a data line all the time)

Possibly not applicable to this specific use case but Sideline can use standard cellular voice. In fact, that’s the default. OTT VoIP over a data connection is a backup. The caveat is I’ve only been able to get Sideline’s default behavior to work on 3.0 phones.

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