Ditch the FAMILY? Who thought of that!?

Sure I am well past 55, Empty nest and all. But NEVER NEVER NEVER would I include that sentence in my life. If you don’t have a family for the most part life is pretty boring and without much meaning (at least in my view)!


For the sake of clarity, it’s “Ditch the family plan” not the family itself:

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Did that just change? I read it as “ditch the family” a couple minutes ago. Maybe I just missed the “plan” part.

What I posted in the screenshot is what was there when I looked.

Still a VERY insensitive marketing scheme! Many Many people will only see “ditch the family.”

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To be clear, going from offering NO family discount or multi-line discount of any kind, to offering a discount for sets of two lines, is “ditching the family”? I hope that every business I do business with starts offering my wife and I discounts that we don’t currently get and “ditches my family”.

The wording implies that money is more important than family. This is a very offensive statement to many people, I am sure

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I didn’t insult you and insults are unnecessary. I simply disagree that logging in to multiple accounts somehow has anything at all to do with my family.

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No insult intended, just restated that you wish all businesses would give you a discount and ditch your family. I apologize for choosing to use the wording I did.

I think @brendaf.wiacpq might be talking about this one… I also read it as such on first glance…it does read a bit hokey

It’s this page

From what i see they just raised the price of a single line from 15 to twenty and then called $30 for two lines a discount… :man_shrugging: I guess they added 1gb of data. Ooooh.

That would be incorrect. They eliminated the plan without data and left the 1GB plan at $20 as it always was and now offer 50% off the second line.


That wasn’t a terrific deal with My Choice and still isn’t with 5.0. It’s better per person with 2 lines, but it’s easy to find more than 1GB of data with a $15 plan without having to pay for 2 lines.