Do all phones or one's cell service compress attached files before sending a MMS?

Phones are Moto G5+ & Moto G7.
I am curious before adding data to our plan - if such things happen especially if one is on cell service & not in wi-fi range. Does file compression happen & if so how? Does the phone message app do it or the carrier? I understand cell companies won’t send a file & receive MMS if over a certain size. We don’t use third party texting apps. What is that size limit with Republic? We are on the cdma sim. Do I need to educate the kids to turn off data or to compress files when not in wi-fi range? They snap chat with others & send us random pics through MMS. I send the random pic also. Wi-fi obviously is not an issue. Want to minimize data usage but also have the minimum through cell when needed.

Hi @paulat.0p5ea5,

I vaguely remember Republic’s MMS attachment size limit to be 1 MB. Other carriers may have a smaller limit, so when exchanging MMS the other end of the conversation may be the limiting factor on attachment size rather that Republic. Anyway, either Messages by Google or Republic Anywhere (Republic’s supported messaging apps) will, generally, handle the compression for you.

Like other carriers, Republic does use data (WiFi or cell) to send and receive MMS. Unlike other carriers Republic does not charge for cell data used for MMS nor is any cell data used for MMS deducted from cell data purchased for Internet access. In a sense, Republic provides unlimited cell data for MMS (not for general Internet access). There’s no need to be concerned with whether one is on WiFi or cell when exchanging MMS.

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Thank you!

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