Do all republic moto x gen 2 work on old plan?


I have a moto x gen 2 that is about to die. I dont want to give up my $28 unlimited plan so i need to know if any republic moto x gen 2 will work.


Hi @jamesl.jy7fze!

Yes, as long as the phone is indeed a Republic Moto X2 and isn’t active on another account/reported lost or stolen, then it will activate just fine. Hope that helps!



as long as it one of the Republic models the Moto X 2nd can be used to replace a phone on the 1.0 plan while keeping that plan
(all new lines for a reactivated Moto X 2nd will be on the 2.0 Refund plan)
any Legacy phone can be used for maintaining the 1.0 plans or activating a new 2.0 line
Republic Legacy Phones

Moto E (1st Gen.) (XT1019)
Moto E (2nd Gen.) (XT1526)
Moto G (1st Gen.) (XT1031)
Moto G (3rd Gen.) (XT1548)
Moto X (1st Gen.) (XT1049)
Moto X (2nd Gen.) (XT1094)


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