Do I need a new SIM card to go from Moto G6 to Moto g Stylus?

What phone do you have? Moto G6

What plan are you on? 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes

Issue Description

I ordered a new phone and am wondering if I can just swap the old SIM card into my new phone?

Hi @erind.fzi0ls and welcome to the Community!

If the new Moto G Stylus was purchased from Republic directly, a SIM will be preinstalled. If the phone was purchased from a third party retailer, please try the following on your Moto G6:

Open the Republic App
Tap the gear icon upper right
Tap About
Under the Phone Info section, your phone’s SIM type will be listed (GSM or CDMA)

Please let us know if you see GSM or CDMA as the SIM type?

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@erind.fzi0ls Are you still needing help with this?

Hello, I’m not the original poster, but have the exact same question. I have a Moto G6 and when I follow the steps above to check the SIM type in the Repbulic app I see that my Moto G6 uses a GSM SIM. If I get a Moto G Stylus (XT2043-4 ) can I use the SIM that I already have in my Moto G6 and just swap into the new Moto G Stylus?


Hi @mikes.2a6lg4,

Yes, GSM SIMs are the type that moves from one phone to the next. Once past initial setup on the new phone (follow on screen prompts for that), move the SIM. Next, be certain Republic’s mobile app is installed on the new phone. Finally, opening Republic’s app will present a brief activation sequence moving service (number and plan) from old to new phone.

Republic offers some documentation here:


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