Do I need a new sim card?


I have two lines a Moto X pure and a 2nd gen moto X. I want to deactivate one line and move the number for the 2nd gen to the pure will I need a new sim card for the pure ? Or do I use the old sim card ?


Hi @kennyp,

Presuming you don’t care about the number on the Moto X Pure, you’ll cancel service as outlined by Republic here: How to Cancel Your Service – Republic Help.

Next, simply reactivate the Moto X Pure via the Republic app and when presented the opportunity, select to move the number from the Moto X2 to the Moto X Pure. The Moto X2 will be simultaneously deactivated.

So long as you do not wait longer than 20 days between steps one and two, no need for a new SIM. :relaxed:


If you should want to retain and move present X Pure # to another phone after reactivating as a replacement you can open a Support ticket within 20 days to do so.


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